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At Tele Access its technology is the back bone of its operations, some of the highlights of our IT capabilities are detailed below -

 Technical expertise

Technology support at Tele Access is powered by a team of specialists skilled in various aspects of call centre technology management. Our team comprises of skilled and certified engineers and experts for troubleshooting, administering and managing platforms / domains, database administration, voice platforms and networking.

  IT Infrastructure

Tele Access believes that quality of its operation is also dependent on its infrastructure. We proud ourselves on the state of the art infrastructure for its operations and IT. Below are some of the features -

Resilient data network with well branded routers and switches.
Multiple telecom service provider links & Internet Connectivity for high redundancy and optimum uptime.
Multiple Data centers across.
Enterprise Class Firewall hosted for security / threat management.
Power - UPS Backup , Multiple power sources.

  24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring with Helpdesk

 Information Security Implementation

physical / Individual level security - Access cards for restricted access to operations floor, Specialized security agencies, building security systems, Dedicated operations area for each client, Confidentiality contracts & periodic reviews, Background checks, Strict norms for information storage & data disposal (electronic &physical)
Network level security – LAN isolated & secured, Need based access, password protected network & telecommunications accessFirewall & archival facilities, Internet access restricted to customer preferred websites

  Telephony / Dialer implementation

Use of call centre solution by leading dialers with progressive and intelligent dialing . Voice loggers, Quality monitoring tools and MIS Packs. Experienced Dialer operations team for day to day campaign mgmt. and MIS reporting. Capability on Implementations, Enhancement and Integration of various Dialer Technologies

  Real time Analytics

Agent Performance, Handle time and SLA’s.

Agent performance and efficiency measurement with accurate reports.
Efficient call management across various call campaigns.
Efficient data management.