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Quality Practices

Our ability to consistently deliver all around excellence in customer service, and exceed internal and client standards comes down to ensuring a closed-loop quality management process which starts from program planning stage.

Quality management in planning & transition -

During the planning stages, we prepare the broadest set of options to meet both the immediate as well as long-term process needs through innovative offerings like Teleaccess rendezvous model. It takes the combined efforts of everyone in the organization to meet the Direct Measurement of Quality (DMOQ) throughout the execution process. In search of constant improvement, we commit ourselves daily to fostering a quality environment through Six Sigma practices.

Quality management for on-going operations -

In order to create a closed-loop & constantly improving environment Teleaccess deploys an extensive array of monitoring techniques such as actual call monitoring (both side-by-side and remote monitoring) and technologies including automated digital recording systems. Our formal process for monitoring and feedback is the POT Model – POT refers to Preparation, Observation and Training. This process is highly effective in helping agents understand our clients' goals and assuring that they meet and exceed those goals. Throughout the POT process, the associate, supervisor and quality auditor are engaged as a team to bring about optimal performance. POT is a continuous process and demonstrates Teleaccess' commitment to long-term coaching and development.