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We’ll give your business chance to grow!

Our transition process is geared to bring our clients higher value, lower costs, lower risks and faster Time-to-Value. Teleaccess offers a choice of engagement models to accommodate both the near-term and long-term goals of each our client.

People friendly and encouraging atmosphere to work & transition -

During the planning stages, we prepare the broadest set of options to meet both the immediate as well as long-term process needs through innovative offerings like Teleaccess rendezvous model. It takes the combined efforts of everyone in the organization to meet the Direct Measurement of Quality (DMOQ) throughout the execution process. In search of constant improvement, we commit ourselves daily to fostering a quality environment through Six Sigma practices.

Our experience

And last but not the least – we are proud of ourselves on what we have achieved for our clients in over a decade of our existence. Today some of the programs driven by us have resulted in best in industry results and clients have set their process benchmarks against our achievements. Our clientele constitutes of industry leaders from almost all the sectors and we deliver services for them in all the areas of their customer lifecycle management. We leverage the learning curve achieved in operations, training, technology, quality and program management to optimise every new assignment offered to us.